Top Supplements for Fibroids


DIM, which is short for Diindolylmethane,  is probably one of the most popular herbal supplements used for fibroids. It’s made from a chemical compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. DIM is thought to control levels of estrogen that are too high and to shrink fibroids. It is not an estrogen blocker, but may affect the way the body distributes estrogen.

Not everyone will experience  side effects from DIM. One study centered on a patient who experienced heart troubles after consuming DIM for a period of time.

Another important issue is that DIM needs folate and B12 in the right amount in order to effect the estrogen pathways in the body. Therefore, while taking DIM for fibroids could be helpful- it’s possible that it may not work at all for others.

Castor Oil Packs with Frankincense

Castor oil packs are the second most popular home remedy for the treatment of fibroids. The traditional way to make a castor oil pack has been soak flannel fabric in castor oil and then lie down with it on the pelvic area. Nowadays, it’s easy to find already made castor oil packs which are a bit less messy.

It is thought that castor oil packs help fibroid suffers by easing inflammation and supporting the circulatory system. Users believe fibroids will dissolve by boosting circulation to the area. Castor oil packs are a comforting way to ease the symptoms of fibroids for sure. This is a method that does not involve hormone changes in the body.  That means it’s a safe remedy that almost any woman can use.


Vitex is also known as  chasteberry or chaste tree berry. It’s an herb well known for fibroid treatment. Vitex is thought to work by boosting progesterone levels in the body, thus diminishing  hormone issues that cause fibroids. Most women need to take this herb for at least a few weeks before seeing results.

Natural herbs can have powerful effects on the human body. Taking an herb like vitex could be risky, because it boosts levels of progesterone in the body. It’s highly recommended that anyone wanting to start supplementing with vitex first take a 5-panel hormonal test.

Why? For starters, it’s nearly impossible to know if fibroids are being caused by a hormonal imbalance without testing. A women’s hormones naturally fluctuate each month. So, you may be experiencing higher than normal progesterone levels (right before your period).

Adding more progesterone on top of that will not help your situation. Not to mention, not all cases of fibroids are caused by hormone imbalances. So, you may simply be introducing another problem! You may start out feeling bad from your fibroids, then end up feeling much worse by upsetting your hormonal balance. Unless you are being closely monitored by a doctor, consider skipping this supplement altogether.


Wheatgrass is a great natural option for fibroid support. It’s easy to take, as it can be found in fresh or in dry forms. Wheatgrass is a food, so it’s easy for your body to use. It  doesn’t work by adjusting your hormones in anyway, which means that it’s a safe alternative to other herbal supplements. Wheatgrass is  beneficial because it tends to ease symptoms of fibroids. It’s also thought that wheatgrass has detoxing effects, which may lead to the dissolution of fibroid tissue.

Because it is so nutritious, wheatgrass is excellent for women suffering from anemia. Not only can it help reduce blood loss, but it’s also high in many nutrients that help keep the body nourished. Fresh wheatgrass contains iron, amino acids, calcium, magnesium and even more vitamins and nutrients.

Another common problem that women with fibroids suffer from is constipation. Often, these women are also likely to be anemic so they supplement with iron. The iron supplements cause constipation, which could become a huge problem for women with fibroids. Some fibroids themselves cause constipation already, so to compound that problem is never good. Women can safely take wheatgrass to help with both anemia and symptoms of fibroids.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas

For many women the best herbal treatment for fibroids is Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. Though not always easy to find, this  method is often the best way to break down fibroids and help stabilize the body.

Single herb treatments like vitex and DIM boost or reduce levels of target hormones in the body. In contrast, Chinese herbal formulas work by balancing the systems in the body that control the reproductive system.

Authentic herbal recipes contain many different herbs that work together synergistically. These herbs help to balance hormones in the body. They may also boost circulation and help cleanse the reproductive system.


While there are many home remedies when it comes to fibroid treatment, some may be safer and more effective than others. Wheatgrass and Castor oil packs are safe for almost anyone. These two options do not make your hormones fluctuate and work by nourishing and calming the body.

For those reasons, wheatgrass and castor oil are good with other fibroid treatments. While these two options are comforting and nourishing,  it’s hard to say whether or not they will actually break down or stop fibroids altogether. That’s why we would recommend these along with other treatments you may be trying.

The most popular options, DIM and Vitex, seem to be the most problematic. Because these two supplements can drastically change the levels of certain hormones- creating an imbalance in the body. Hormonal imbalance could leave you feeling even worse than before!

It’s also unknown how well DIM will actually work in the body. That’s because for DIM to affect estrogen, other nutritional factors must be in place. Many experts highly recommend that you work closely with a doctor or herbalist while taking these supplements.

Finally, the very best option for many women may well be is a Traditional Chinese Herbal formula. We know that this option may be hard to find, but it is by far the most effective and best balanced option out of the bunch.




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